§1031 Exchange Services

Optimize your real estate investment returns


Exchange Counsel, Inc.

Optimize real estate investment returns by maximizing the tax advantages available under IRC §1031. We provide straight answers and reliable advice when structuring and facilitating §1031 tax-deferred exchange transactions. Our clients trust us to build them "bullet-proof" exchanges.

§1031 Qualified Intermediary & Exchange Accommodation Services:

  • Forward Exchanges
  • Reverse Exchanges
  • Improvement Exchanges
  • Simultaneous Exchanges
  • Structuring Advice & Implementation
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • One-stop Closing Services
  • Bonded & Insured

What is a §1031 Exchange?
A §1031 Exchange is a way for you to sell real or personal property and  avoid paying Capitial Gains Tax. An Exchange allows you to defer taxes, preserve equity and grow your assets as you reinvest the resulting tax savings in "like-kind" replacement property. In order for an "Exchanger" to realize the tax-deferred benefits, a "Qualifed Intermediary" must hold the sale proceeds during the Exchange Period.

In 1989, real estate lawyer Mark Hodges founded Exchange Counsel, Inc. (ECI) for the purpose of facilitating tax-deferred exchanges. ECI is available to serve as "Qualified Intermediary" or "Exchange Accommodation Titleholder" and to structure your Exchange transactions for the greatest Safe Harbor protection available

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