For Sale by Owner

Selling or buying a home without a Realtor? Our team of legal and transaction professionals offers a complete and affordable package of services that will:

  • guide you through the transaction process
  • explain pertinent legal requirements
  • prepare necessary legal documents
  • close the transaction entered into by the parties

What you need to know...

  • First things FIRST
    Contact us to discuss the transaction process and legal requirements for a valid Purchase and Sales Agreement (or take a moment to review the Transaction Process Overview below).
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Checklist
    Our Purchase and Sale Agreement checklist helps FSBO Sellers/Buyers determine what issues must be discussed and agreed upon to create a valid and subsisting Purchase and Sale Agreement. Click here for a printable copy.
  • Transaction Process Overview
    Click here for an overview of the transaction process and legal requirements for a valid Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Seller Disclosure Form
    Washington Law requires most Sellers to complete a statutory Seller Disclosure Statement and deliver it to the Buyer within five days after contracting. Simply download and print a Seller Disclosure Form, complete it accurately and deliver it to the Buyer within the prescribed time frame. Sellers can have the statement ready beforehand to expedite the process. Buyers typically have three days following receipt of the disclosure form to rescind the contract for any reason. Click the following links to download a printable version of these forms (improved property, unimproved property).
  • Closing Phase
    Once the Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement is fully signed, forward a copy to our Escrow Services Group, and we will commence the closing process. You will receive electronic updates and access to your transaction documents throughout the process.

From start to finish, our experience and expertise will bring you peace of mind.